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Joey Cape Fans Community

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Hello Caper Fans!
This is a little community devoted to the one and only, Joey Cape!

Joey is from such bands as Lagwagon (vocals), Bad Astronaut (vocals, guitar) and Me First And The Gimme Gimmes (guitar, vocals)
Joey (along with Marko 72 of Sugarcult and Bad Astronaut) own their own record label, My Records, which has sadly passed. RIP My Records.

We dont really have many rules for this community, just play nice and dont post shit thats not related to Joey!

Feel free to post pictures of him, but if they are large, please, put them behind a cut!
Share your Joey stories, gossip and news. Whether you're into Lagwagon, The Gimmes, or Bad Astronaut, please join and feel free to post about anything Joey!

When you join, introduce yourself, but dont say shit like "lYkE OhmAhG0d!!! aI lUb jOEy CaPE hE iZ s000 sExiEZ!!" cause that is lame and you will be banned.

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Please don't pimp other communities in this journal (especially lame rating communities), unless related specifically to Joey.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to email them to caper_fans@hotmail.com

This community is maintained by decomposuer and infectiousdrunk

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