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Where are all the Caper fans?
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Yeah it's one crazy weird beard. Are you into the new solo album? It seems like most of it is new Lagwagon "unplugged". It's ok though.
The Choke days will always be the best though!!

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He has a few websites set up so you can hear his new music before you buy it. Like here: or
It's not fair to call yourself an awful fan, dude... you didn't pirate the album. You're better then most of us!

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hahaha... he was messing with you! That's funny. He should put out a DVD of one of his live acoustic shows. I'd buy it.
right here!
I thought my kind was extinct or something!
I adore the guy. and the mustache! but the beard now is a bit to fuzzy. it takes up his whole face soon there will be just two blue eyes poking out if doesn't shave it already.
and I like bridge. there are some songs I like better as the lagwagon versions though. like memoirs and landmines...
He looks bipolar with the beard! Hopefully his face is warm. That's all that matters.
His acoustic album with Tony Sly was freaking moving. I think he's touring with an acoustic guitar. That's it. Him and an acoustic guitar.
I don't really like the beard all that much. but then I was a bit sceptical about the mustache at first too...
Yes he is touring acoustic with Jon Snodgrass at the moment and he's coming to a town 30 mins from were i usually live but i won't be home for a year so i can't go. i'm really bummed about it.
i don't have the tony sly split just heard a few songs of it.
I'm here. Albeit late. I've not been around LJ in recent time so I'm just catching up right now.

Anyway, I adore the Caper. I think he is so talented. I love his solo work, I love his Lagwagon work, Bad Astronaut, Playing Favorites.
you wrapped it up perfectly. exactly my feelings too!